June 2020: The Month We Lost Pearls

Ishfaq Ahmad Itoo

Ishfaq Ahmad Itoo, a resident of Hangelbooch Kulgam was martyred on 7 June 2020 in Reban Shopian. He had done his B.Tech degree and had dedicated his life to the freedom movement. The nation remembers Ishfaq, a brave soul who fearlessly fought against the military occupation of our homeland. His sacrifice will never be forgotten, and his legacy will inspire generations to come. We vow to honor his memory by continuing the fight he so valiantly led, ensuring his efforts and sacrifices were not in vain.

Owais Ahmad Malik

Owais Ahmed’s honesty and bravery made him a remarkable figure in our struggle. A fearless fighter, he stood up against oppression with unmatched courage. The nation cherishes his contributions and remembers his unwavering dedication. We pledge to uphold the values he fought for and to never compromise on the sacrifices he made for our noble cause. Known by his code name Huzaifa, he had done his Bsc and belonged to Arwani Kulgam. He was martyred in Reban Shopian on 7 June 2020.

Umar Dhobi

Umar Dhobi also known by his code name Zaid Khan was a paragon of integrity and intelligence and a fearless fighter against the injustices faced by our people. His courage and dedication are deeply etched in the nation’s memory. As we honor his sacrifice, we reaffirm our commitment to the struggle he so passionately engaged in. Umar’s spirit lives on in our continued fight for justice, and his sacrifice will never be in vain. Zaid Khan, a graduate, was a resident of Pinjoora Shopian and was martyred in the same area on 8 June 2020 while fighting hundreds of occupational troops.

Saqlain Ahmad Wagay

Saqlain Ahmad, known by his code name Zia Mustafa in the ranks, was a resident of Reban Shopian. He was also a graduate and a highly skilled fighter with very sharp brain. The nation honors Saqlain Ahmad, whose intelligence and bravery made him an exceptional leader. His fight against military occupation and his stand for justice have left an indelible mark on our collective conscience. We remember his sacrifice with deep respect and promise to carry forward his mission with the same determination and resolve. He was martyred in Pinjoora area of Shopian on 8 June 2020.

Shakir Ahmad Pal

Famously known by his code name Inamul Haque, Shakir, a resident of Muloo Dangerpora Shopian was a computer engineer with exceptional skills and courage. His fearless dedication and honesty were instrumental in our fight against oppression. After remaining active in ranks and fighting like a true Mujahid, he was eventually martyred in Pinjoora Shopian on 8 June 2020.
His bravery in the face of adversity remains an inspiration to us all. The nation pledges to remember his sacrifices and to never compromise on the principles he stood for. His legacy will continue to guide us in our quest for justice and freedom.

Adil Ahmad Lone

Adil Ahmad Lone, also known as Afaan Bhai was also a computer engineer. He was unique in handling different affairs of his organization and exceptionally good at making bold decisions amid a searing atmosphere. Afaan Bhai was a resident of Ganahpora Shopian and was martyred on 8 June 2020 in Pinjoora area of district Shopian. He was a highly educated and courageous fighter who stood unwaveringly against the injustices inflicted upon our people. His contributions and sacrifices are etched in the heart of the nation. We honor his memory by steadfastly continuing the struggle he championed, ensuring that his sacrifice will forever remain meaningful and impactful.

Nadeem Ahmad Malik

Uqab was the name by which people knew Nadeem. He was Uqab in the real sense of the word. A graduate and a top cricketer, Uqab left no stone unturned to see his homeland free from the clutches of slavery. A resident of Hefkuri area of Shopian, Uqab was martyred on 21 June 2020 in Bandpawa area of district Pulwama. He was a fearless and honest Mujahid, who fought valiantly for the rights of our people and against the military occupation of our homeland. His intellect and bravery were his greatest weapons. The nation remembers his dedication and promises to uphold the ideals he fought for. His sacrifice will never be forgotten, and we will ensure that his efforts lead to the justice and freedom he envisioned.

Haris Manzoor Bhat

Known by his code name Abu Ubaida, Haris was a civil engineer and belonged to Kavil Shikargah area of Islamabad. After joining the resistance ranks, Haris turned out to be a great military strategist who kept his enemies on tenterhooks. He was eventually martyred at Chewa Olar Tral on 26 June 2020. Standing resolute against the forces of oppression that sought to subjugate our people, Haris was a great Mujahid who will be remembered forever for his services to the nation. Highly qualified, he was a mechanical engineer and deeply committed to the cause who fought with a fearless heart and unwavering determination. The nation honors his memory and the remarkable sacrifices he made. We pledge to carry forward his mission, ensuring that his efforts were not in vain. His legacy will continue to inspire us and remind us of the strength and resilience needed to achieve justice and freedom for our homeland.

These brave souls, in the prime of their youth, set aside their personal ambitions and promising careers to fight for the dignity, freedom, and justice of our homeland. Their selflessness and courage have paved the way for a brighter future for all of us, and their sacrifices serve as a powerful testament to the high cost of our freedom.

Their legacy is a clarion call to all of us to remain steadfast in our pursuit of the noble cause they so valiantly championed. Any attempt to compromise on their sacrifices would not only dishonor their memory but also undermine the very foundation of our collective struggle. We must stand firm in our resolve, for to do otherwise would be to betray the immense sacrifices they made for our better tomorrows.

We will always remember these heroes and their contributions to our cause. Their mission is now our mission, and we will carry it forward with the same determination and integrity that they embodied. Our commitment to their vision is unshakeable; we will continue their fight until the oppressive soldiers leave our land and we reclaim our autonomy. Their sacrifices will not be in vain, and we will not rest until we achieve the justice and freedom they fought so hard for. Their spirit lives on in each of us, guiding us as we strive to complete the mission they began. The keys to our future, once lost, will be ours again, and we will honor their memory by building the better tomorrow they dreamed of.

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In June 2020, we lost brave souls like Ishfaq Ahmad Itoo, Owais Ahmad Malik, Umar Dhobi, Saqlain Ahmad Wagay, Shakir Ahmad Pal, Adil Ahmad Lone, Nadeem Ahmad Malik, and Haris Manzoor Bhat. Their sacrifices for freedom and justice remain an enduring inspiration, urging us to continue their fight with unwavering resolve.

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